XF Lentes de contacto para el póker
Universal cards for contact lenses
Newly designed, new UV lenses, Allowing to see the marks made by the invisible ink on the cards, dominoes, etc. UV contact lenses are made of high quality materials That Allows you to wear them for long. The lenses have any available transparent portion and slightly larger than the pupil (6 mm) of the ultraviolet filter. They Privacy Policy Logging impossible to detect. Keep your eyes natural color. Lenses are easy to put on and there is no discomfort During extended wear. The service life of the lens With The correct storage - 1 year UV contact lenses for marked cards
While The most advanced and high-quality UV (ultraviolet) contact lenses for marked cards in the world designed by the Company 'XF-poker cheat ". The company "XF-poker cheat" has the MOST advanced laser-dye system Provides Customers with the best and MOST suitable UV-lenses.UV-lenses are designed to read labels on the shirt cards. Indifferently at how light (red, yellow or white), but When you wear our special lenses, you can Clearly see the label on the shirt cards.Lenses can be different, UV (ultraviolet) and IR (infrared) to meet the different needs of customers. Eek lenses for different cards for different spectrum of light. They are very convenient for putting on and do not Affect your vision. They can be worn for a long time and is Constantly seen marked playing cards
Available as lenses blue, green and brown colored - Under eye like color.Features of our lenses: 1. Adopt The most advanced color laser (sandwich technology) .2. High transparency (you can read the signs Clearly When wearing our contact lenses) .3. A low water content (60%). 4. High roundness and smoothness, there is a sense of obstacles.
Versatile lens for marked cards, this is the newest lenses in our company. This type of contact lens is suitable for any eye color, They Do not change them. Lenses de este type Have the highest clarity.
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